Manual installation of the mpeg2 decoder

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Manual installation of the mpeg2 decoder

Postby Julia Rieckmann » Wed Jan 07, 2009 3:26 pm

Due to active antivirus programs it is possible that during the installation of Pandoras Box the Mainconcept mpeg2 decoder will not be installed. To work around this issue it is possible to install the decoder manually.

On the installation cd you will find the folder "\4_Driver_Tools". Please navigate there to the subfolder "\Codecs\mpeg2". There you will find several files. Please copy following files to the folder c:\windows\system32:
- mcmpegdec.dll
- mpegin.dll
- MPEGRegister Mainconcept.bat

Depending on the settings of your operating system you may only see the file names and not the suffix, this is fine.

Please navigate to c:\windows\system32 and execute "MPEGRegister Mainconcept.bat". A black window will appear shortly and disappear.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT execute the file on the cd. IF you remove the cd the system will unavailingly search for the decoders on the cd.
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