what to do if you are blind or NVIDIA card with TV out

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what to do if you are blind or NVIDIA card with TV out

Postby Patrick Verhey » Fri Jul 25, 2008 10:18 am


we found a very bad thing about the NVIDIA Grafic Cards in the new 4.0 Hardware. Since we are using the Display Software it is very easy to setup your System without using Windows. But I just figured out a problem with this an the Grafic Card settings. With the next Software Release will we have an easy way to change, but till the release you will find the workaround here:

The Problem ist that the NVIDIA Card has a TV Display which is using the S-Video out on the grafic card. In the output settings in the NVIDIA control center it is possible to set the TV out as primary display. If you did this the primary display including the buttons of our display software will no longer be on one of your normal displays. Even if you do a restart, the primary will stay the TV out. That means that one of you displays is black and the other one is showing the coolux logo. But there is no chance to change any settings since you do not see your buttons any more.

There is only one way to solve this problem. Actually it is an andvanced Windows user way, but it works. But please be very cerefull when you do it this way. The Problem is that once Windows startet an loads the NVIDIA drivers it switches to the TV as primary. You will see the boot sequence on both monitors so you can start windows in the safe mode during the boot sequence by pressing the F8 key.
In the Safe Mode you can open the NVIDIA control center an change the primary display to your display. After you reboot your computer in normal mode the TV out is disabled and you are not blind anymore.

Right now this is only way to get the settings back. With the next software release there will be a shortcut for this.

The best thing for sure is not to set the TV out as primary.....
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