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No output on Pandoras Box

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2009 3:50 pm
by Patrick Verhey

since we have many people caling us at coolux complaining about having a black screen, I would like to give you some easy advices. This might help saving telephone costs and you do not need to blame Pandoras Box for it.

So, if the Screen / Monitor or whatever is connected and stays black please check the folowing:

- do not connect or unplug DVI cables when the computer is running
- If one output is OK and the other is not, crosscheck the outputs. (remember not to unplug DVI cables with a running computer)
- If you have external devices like Splitters or folsom screen pros, check these devices. Connect the monitor straight into Pandoras Box without the device (if its runnning, its not Pandoras Box)
- Check your cables! Sometimes they are broken
- Check your cables! There are different types of DVI cables and adapters
- If you unplugged a DVI Cable from a running system, the grafic card driver can get problems. To make a reset shut down the computer, pull out the power cord and all DVI cables for a minute and the reconnect everything
- If you are using Gefen DVI Devices please check the manual, the have strange settings......
- If you have strange screens like LED walls or so and the picture is looking bad, check the output of Pandoras Box with a normal monitor. Sometimes the scaler of the LED screen is doing strange things.
- If you are unsure about the cables or scalers or whatever, crosscheck it with a laptop. If your laptop does not show the right picture, its not Pandoras Box.

I hope that nobody will blame me for writing these things here. But in support issues we are dealing with so many questions like this. And I do not know why many people are not able to find problems. If you have a problem, check where it comes from and crosscheck it to decrease the error places. If you call us, we will try to help you for sure, but if you check things before and give us detailed information we all can save time and money. It is very anoing to be on a support call for 45 minutes to figure out that a cable is broken.

Thanks for checking these things...... 8)

Re: No output on Pandoras Box

PostPosted: Thu Apr 09, 2009 9:12 am
by Patrick Verhey

I just an interresting additional information to my post from Florian:

Hi Patrick
Thank you for the informative post. I would like to add an expierience of mine that can be a real pitfall:
DVI cables have length limits that vary between different cable manufacturers between 5m and 60m. Especially EDID Information gets corrrupted very easily by excessive cable length, resulting in total picture loss or colour errors (it looks a bit like coloured snow on screen). This might be usefull information to some of the users.