What usefull things should a Pandoras Box Operator have?

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What usefull things should a Pandoras Box Operator have?

Postby Patrick Verhey » Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:02 pm


I would like to start a long open List about useful things a Pandoras Box Operator should have. So please add what you think.

Here are my ideas:

- external Harddisk with Personal Content
(I also have always all Coolux Loops on it and all drivers and tools)

- USB storage device with 2 GB or more

- USB extension cord
(sometimes usefull if you can hardly access the USB port)

- USB Hub
(for the Manager Keypads an what else needs to be connected to the Manager)

- USB LED Light

- blank CDs or DVDs

- Laptop Lock

- Clipboard / Pen / Paper.....

- some good DVDs to look during boring productions
(my favorite: Pink Floyd Pulse - Peter Gabriel Secret World - Lara Croft)

- some Network Cables and a small Hub

- Ipod with good Headphones
(I like to block out the world during programming)

- Laser Pointer / Laser Distometer
(very usefull for warping)

- small PC speakers
(good for the DVDs or to check audio on PB)

- Intercom Headset
(yes, I have my own lightweight one / I dont like the heavy ugly old ones...)

The order of the items has nothing to do with the priority!
I´m looking forward to your ideas.
Patrick Verhey
Patrick Verhey
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