Why do we need the local node in the Manager

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Why do we need the local node in the Manager

Postby Patrick Verhey » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:18 am


a very common question is that people spread files in their show, but they can´t see them on the Manager preview. What happend?
They open a project file and then the start adding content to it. Many users do not have the coolux standard content on their manager computer, so the grab it from the server and add it to the project tree. After that they hit the "spread all resources button" and then you have the content on all servers which are in the device tree of your manager. So all clips are shown on the servers, but not on the manager preview. But why?
If you load the content to your project and spread it, pandoras box is looking which nodes are connected to you project. So the content will only be sreaded to the nodes in your device tree, right side of the timeline window. So if you did not put the manager as local node into that tree, the files wont be spreaded to it.
I know that you choose a server to preview and not the local node, but we can render the files only if they are on the computer. And the manager preview is also a full render engine, same like the servers.

So, you need to make sure that all files are on all machines, also on the manager. And thats the reason why you need to ad the local node to your project.

If you only spread the content from the manager, what I alwas recommend, you don´t need to put the local node in. But as soon as you add content from another node, than the local you need to have it for the preview.
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