BlackMagic SDI SmartHub controlled by WD STD

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BlackMagic SDI SmartHub controlled by WD STD

Postby Daniel Kaminski » Sun Jan 12, 2014 7:34 pm

Blackmagic Videohub (discovered by Ben from dwp)

Video Output Tie Command
These tie commands route a specified output to a specified input. Every input and output is 1 less than the actual value. (i.e. Input 1 = 0, Output 10 = 9)

Port: 9990

VIDEO OUTPUT ROUTING:[h0a]param1 param2[h0a][h0a]
oder je nach Model
VIDEO MONITORING OUTPUT ROUTING:[h0a]param1 param2[h0a][h0a]

param1 Output
param2 Input


VIDEO OUTPUT ROUTING:[h0a]0 0[h0a][h0a]
Output 1 is routed to Input 1

[h0a] is the hex value for a new line. This must be used in Widget as shown above.

Widget Designer Example:
Code: Select all
TCPSend,1,VIDEO OUTPUT ROUTING:[h0a]4 9[h0a][h0a]

Video Change Input Label Command

INPUT LABELS:[h0a]param1 param2[h0a][h0a]


param1 Input
param2 Label Text

INPUT LABELS:[h0a]0 PJ15[h0a][h0a]
Input 1 is now labeled PJ15

Widget Designer Example:
Code: Select all
TCPSend,1,INPUT LABELS:[h0a]0 PJ15[h0a][h0a]
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