Configuration system windows 7 for coolux server

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Configuration system windows 7 for coolux server

Postby ThomasSteep » Thu Mar 10, 2016 2:15 am

Hi, I have question...

Do you have some a configuration manual for optimalising OS Windows7 for best performance ? At school we have media server (not original hardware) and hdd was broken, so we have to changed a new one. When we install windows 7 and all drivers (graphic card, sound card, MB etc.) everything was ok till we used the "server" on the project. The server makes mistakes during the timeline(sequence) is playing - the output video is freezing, sometimes "jumping" to other way and when you press "pause" the video jump a few sec. before and still play contents...

I dont have any idea how to fix that.

But the main question is... Do you have a some configuration manual for set windows os for the best optimalization and performance (for example - to switch off some background services, processes... configurate memory or something etc.)?

For example MA Lighting have the configuration manual for onPC software for best working...

Thank you for you answer.

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