WD Remote "NEVION HD-SDI xxxxx"

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WD Remote "NEVION HD-SDI xxxxx"

Postby Prodigy911 » Thu Jul 25, 2013 2:01 pm

Hey Guys,

after a while of searching and trying and reading Manuals and Manuals, here is a good way to Control
a Nevion 8x8 HD SDI Matrix by Widget Designer.

Protocol : Change to Telnet ( Nevion Configurator - Default is NCB - RS232 )
IP : Custom (Tool for advising is Nevion Configurator)
Port : 4381 (Default Port)

Open CMD Line in Windows and Type:
telnet 4381

x l2 4 1 (Double Enter)

Setup in Widget Designer (tested in rev. 489)
Create Connection Manager :
TCP Connection:

Client Only
Port 4381

Test & Start

Custom Script:
TCPSend,x l2 4 1 [CR LF][CR LF]

x = Crosscommand
l2 = Dipswitch Channel of your Device (on the Back of your Device)
4 = Input 5
1 = Output 2

This is the way to control every Nevion HD SDI Matrix by Widget Designer.

Best regards
Benjamin Brostian
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