Artnet record and playback

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Artnet record and playback

Postby yeti195 » Wed Nov 20, 2013 7:31 pm

Hello, I'm new to PB and WD. We have our show up and running and have done a few things. What we are looking at doing now is try to record in some Artnet channels out of an old system to playback out of PB on our timeline. Could someone please give me any advice and or a how to on how to do this?

Here's what I'm thinking of trying;

We have a system from a different manufacture we want to retire. It's sending out about 15 to 20 channels of DMX to run some animatronics. I do have a Enttec open DMX Ethernet device that I beleive will take the DMX in, and convert it to Art-net. I'd like to get these channels into our PB timeline to playback in out show. After reading through the manual a little I think I can do this with WD PRO? We are using STD right now.

Any help or how to would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if we do need to upgrade to WD PRO, I have one more question about it. Will that version allow me to send a UDP string from a different device over a network to trigger a command in WD? What version allows UDP Input?

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Re: Artnet record and playback

Postby Dennis Kuypers » Thu Nov 21, 2013 12:08 pm


There are two ways that come to my mind.
The first is to use the Widget Designer (PRO)'s Art-Net Recorder Buttons. It is possible to record an entire universe and play it back as often as you like. This can also be triggered from the Pandoras Box timeline. This way is easier, but you have to use Art-Net to output the values.

The second one is to use the Widget Designer (PRO) to record to the timeline. You could read the values from Art-Net and store frames using scripts such as "DeviceSetParam" and "SeqStoreActive". This is more flexible, you can also have the DMX Data sent through a DMX Link.

There are a couple of ways to receive UDP packages.
One is through Remoting. This allows you to send any scripting command in text form sourrounded by parenthesis like: (WDMessage,Important,This message is important) This feature is available in all versions.
Another way is to use one of the UDP Nodes to decode the message. This requires a WD PRO/ULT.
When you have the possibility to modify the contents that are sent then use Remoting. It is easier to use. The nodes are mostly used to decode fixed messages that you have no influence over.

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Re: Artnet record and playback

Postby rvb » Wed Dec 04, 2013 11:20 am


i want to record a 25fps show art net of a gran ma2, and i use button record art net with a widget pro.

the show is ok , every thing is recording on the universe but the time is not good... the show is record 30 seconds art net info in 35 seconds...
the show playback is more slowly and can't be synchronised...

could you help me?


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