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Error in PB with symbol &

PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 1:06 am
by koenv
Hi Coolux Team,

We like the new text editor! Nice new functions in it. But why only looping in video and not in graphic layers? : :cry:
Outside that I have have 3 questions:

When pushing text from WD to PB and its contains the & symbol.
Code: Select all
 only the & symbol

It give this error in PB.
Text Error with & symbol.png

In WD I use the nodes: text input --> Text Unicode. The other "Text" node make no difference. Strange is that the text is played with the & symbol. (For every & in the text give a message in PB)

The height when scrolling horizontally or static is not the same. When change scrolling text with static. The height is not the same. If set the static text to scroll, the height is the same as the scrolling one.


I can't see a font that is installed on the server. The font is in the rar file. In other programs like notepad it is exist.

We now using the versions: PB Rev 10085 and WD rev 821RC


Re: Error in PB with symbol &

PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 7:41 pm
by Daniel Kaminski
Hi koenv,

we will look into those things.

Regarding Scrolling Text on Graphicslayers:
We are looking into making it available on Graphicslayers. But no promise.
Scrolling text is like a generated video and behaves like one.
If we make scrolling text available to Graphicslayers how would you pause it?

Regarding no 1)
That sounds like a bug. We will look into that.

Regarding no 2)
I do not understand. Can you explain that a little more.

Regarding no 3)
Only Fonts are listed that are installed on the Master Computer. Clients do only report back if they are asked to use a font that is not installed.
Did you install the font also on the Manager?

I hope that helps.


Re: Error in PB with symbol &

PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2014 10:55 pm
by koenv

i don't want to pause it. We will a continues stream.
In the case we don't, we fade it out with the layer opacity.

no 2:)
Look at the screen shot. Left the scrolling right the static. Text and layers have the same parameters. Layer Y position is -4.000.
There is a little difference in height. Not a big problem of course. We must change the Y position if we change to another text input (and it contains static info.)
Text height differance between static and scroll 2.png

Yes I install the font on all computers. But it don't exist in the manager. I have checked in WD and there it exist!
Text height differance between static and scroll 2.png