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WD is very useful but ....

PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 11:36 pm
by alverman
WD is very useful but at the same time in some cases very uncomfortable.
With WD you have to write a lot of comments to be able to remember what you did and how.
There is a real listing but continuous blocks of code contained in script nodes and spread to the various controls.
You can rename the blocks but it is very uncomfortable and the operation involves a lot of mouse clicks.
I usually try putting nodes and script in testing and if everything works rename blocks and comment scripts, but even if I have to just events continue to display the node number and the number of newly inserted objects.
If then you have or you want to move a control from one page to another, since there is a cut & paste on the controls you need to change all references in the script.
Now I find it very functional WD when everything works but if I make changes after a few days I get lost.
Maybe it's my inability!
For this you would ask that you use WD how you behave when you create a project.
That is, you create a project saved with the WD and WD's project manager and then use it when you need it?

I do not know how you could improve WD but these are the problems you encounter creating or having to edit a project.
Thank you, Alberto