Mass-Connect Nodes & Set Link

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Mass-Connect Nodes & Set Link

Postby Dennis Kuypers » Wed Mar 11, 2015 4:04 pm

Hello Guys,

just want to share this little snippet that I came up with. The point I'm trying to make is that you can use the Widget Designer itself to speed up programming time as well.

Create a new function; It connects a bunch of nodes (whose IDs are in a range) and sets a common source on a parameter.


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For targetNodeIdStart to targetNodeIdEnd

Now this can be used to connect 100 DMX Out nodes to one common source. Lets say we want to connect DMX Link Out nodes 1 through 100 with a Mouse Input Node (id 101)

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massconnect{sourceNodeId,sourceParamId,targetNodeIdStart,targetNodeIdEnd,targetParamId} where
sourceNodeId = 101(Mouse Node)
sourceParamId = 2 (Y Pos of mouse node)
targetNodeIdStart = 1 (first dmx node)
targetNodeIdEnd = 100 (last dmx node)
targetParamId = 3 (DMX Node Value Source)

Of course you have to set the channel IDs on the DMX Nodes as well, but I left it out of the function to make it more flexible. I wouldn't make that a function if it was only used once. For that I make it a macro and enter the values directly. Using the "Test Macro" you can execute the code.

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