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Camera in - Capture cards

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 2:30 am
by azman
Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone shed light on an issue I've experienced,

I've being looking at Face tracker & camera tracker for a project,
I had done initial testing using a webcam (inbuilt on laptop),
The tracking worked ok & was getting useable data, latency was less than 1 second.

I've then taken the project on to machines that I use as player pro client,
they have a black magic deck link SDI input cards installed.
The latency is around 7 seconds in WD & not usable, regardless of resolution.
yet I get 2.5 frames latency when using capture card in a PB project.

I understand that they are 2 different pieces of software but 7 secs seems excessive,

Any comments or advice would be welcome.



Re: Camera in - Capture cards

PostPosted: Thu Mar 10, 2016 9:31 am
by malkuth23
Face tracker has been useless to me on my laptop for the past maybe 2 years. If you have a real old install of WD, you will find that face tracker has less options, but much better speed. I have been told that it depends on the input source and that the module they built the face tracker on is now much pickier.

I have not had this problem with camera tracker though.