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Weird BCF2000 behavior

PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2016 11:39 am
by andreax
Hi guys,
I'm trying to use the BCF2000 but I'm having a reallt weird behavior.
I've programmed the first 2 fader (on preset 9) to control the layer opacity (fader 1 layer 1, fader 2 layer 2).
It all seems all ok in Pandora's box interface: using fader 1 I see that the opacity on layer 1 goes from 255 to 0 with fader 1 and from 255 to 0 on layer 2 with fader to.
On full screen it doesn't work! If I lower fader 1, on the projector the opacity goes from full to zero on everything that is displayed, is like the fader control the opacity of the output instead of the single layer (on the layers I still can see the opacity going down on a single layer).