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AnalogWay virtual Machine

PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2016 8:22 pm
by chrisr
Hello All,
Just wanted to give everyone heads up AnalogWay has just come out with their Virtual Simulator. This simulator will emulate a connection to an Ascender 48 PL in Linked Mode, Ascender 48 PL, NeXtage 16 OR a SmartMatriX Ultra. Once the virtual machine is running, you will be able to launch Chrome and run the RCS, just as if you were connected to a real box. Also while you are running the RSC on one computer, You can connect Widget Designer via Connection manager and fully check your scripts. Additionally, if you have Hurcules 3.2.8 you can watch the virtual machine answer with its responses.

Here is a link to the AnalogWay Simulator ... simulator/

Link to Hurcules 3.2.8 ... _3-2-8.exe