AirScan capture distance

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AirScan capture distance

Postby trafalmejo » Wed May 25, 2016 4:26 pm

Hi everyone,

We are working on a touch display (about 35 * 3 meters) and we are thinking about buying some airscans. I am seeing in the AirScan's specs, it has a 65 meter throw. But we were wondering which one is the best setting to reach good accuracy on the displays. During the installation, there will be about 10 people touching the surface at the same time. How many airscans do you recommend for this use?, any special placement distribution?

and Best Regards
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Re: AirScan capture distance

Postby JustynR » Fri May 27, 2016 3:50 am

I've used it on a screen almost that big (with in a meter or 2).

I think the two biggest things you'll notice are:

Accuracy, the further away you get from the Airscan, the less accurate it is. Not by a lot, but it happens - it's because the rays originate from the Airscan at about a 0.5 degree angle apart. Of course the further away you get from it, the further away the rays are.

Second, Laser Shadows.

Something you can't really get away from with any system at this scale.
If someone is touching the screen at the top of the wall, they'll cast a "shadow" for anyone who would try to use it below.

The best place I've found to set it up is on the top center of the wall.

I hope this helps,

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