widget designer buttons with xf

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widget designer buttons with xf

Postby olivierwery » Wed Oct 19, 2016 10:43 pm

I would like make simples buttons to start videos with xf of 3 ou 4 sec.
For example 4 buttons with one video each. I start a video and I would like at any time to be able to start another video with a xf of 3sec.
Thank you for your help
and sorry for my bad english :)
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Re: widget designer buttons with xf

Postby Daniel Kaminski » Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:22 am

pretty easy. Here in basic steps.
each button loads the video onto layer 1 or 2
you can choose this with a variable
create on fader that fades in layer 2 (which is over layer 1)

click a button in the script that has a toggel state to either move the fader up or down.

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Re: widget designer buttons with xf

Postby Dennis Kuypers » Thu Oct 20, 2016 3:54 pm


there are many ways to do that. The way that i describe is often taught in the Widget Designer trainings. (well, at least the ones that I hold :D )

To select a Video by clicking a thumbnail you can use the (Buttons -> MediaPanel). To make it work you setup Pandoras Box as follows:
- Select the videos that you would like to use (multi-selection) and then assign DMX IDs in the Inspector
- Go to Configuration -> Remote Control Protocols and enable CITP Thumbnail Exchange

Now you can go back to the Widget Designer and use the Edit -> Pandoras Box IP Configuration -> Download Thumbnails (scroll down a bit) to load the Thumbnails. If you now create a new Buttons -> MediaPanel then you can select the Folder ID from in the Properties Dialog. (Select one from the list or make sure that you type all 3 digits like 001 for the first folder). That already assigns Videos to a video layer, but since we want to automatically select the correct Layer for assignment we add a Fader and also a CustomScript.
The Fader you set up to control Layer 1 and Layer 2 simultaniously by setting 1.1 and Opacity in the Value settings and 1.2 and Opacity for the INV (inverse) values. When you use the fader it will crossfade between the two layers.

Now create a new Button -> CustomScript and change it's Type to Toggle. In the Toggle script you put something like (writing this from the top of my head)

Mouse Press Script
Code: Select all
' first start the fade
' now make the media panel assign media to the inactive layer the next time it is used

Mouse Release Script
Code: Select all
' first start the fade
' now make the media panel assign media to the inactive layer the next time it is used

Finally, we set the Script of the MediaPanel to
Code: Select all

This should give you an idea on how to solve it.

Bonus: Totally works in Widget Designer STD

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