Timer Node in WD Pro

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Timer Node in WD Pro

Postby Jason Riordan » Fri Sep 03, 2010 12:05 am

Hi guys,

I need a little bit of info on how to use the timer widget in WD Pro.

What I am trying to achieve is that with a proximity sensor it creates a sequence start command within PB. All of this works. But what I need now is for WD to ignore any further signals for a certain amount of time until that previous sequence has been completed. I have tried multiple ways of getting the timer node to work, but none of them do not seem to be working correctly.

Any ideas?
Jason Riordan
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Jason Riordan
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Re: Timer Node in WD Pro

Postby Julia Rieckmann » Mon Sep 06, 2010 9:29 am

Hi Jason,

one way you could use is to send a command from the PB Sequence at the time, from which on you want to be able to get new commands from your sensor.
I guess you have an input node for your sensor, and that you use eg. a script output node to start the sequence?

What you have to do:
1. After the Play-command, add the script "WDNodeDisableOutput,'ID'" to the output nodes script list. For ".....'ID'" you enter the output nodes ID. So he will disable himself after the play command is given.

2. Rightclick in the WD Userinterface, choose Tools --> Remoting. Set up a TCP Connection by entering a port number (default TCP Port is usually 23, but you can choose any number you want) and ticking the Checkbox "Enable". Close the Window.

3. Change to Pandoras Box. From Device Types tab please drag and drop a Serial Link device in the Devices Tab down left. Select this Serial Link Device, go to Inspector and set up the following:
TCP/IP IP: enter the IP of the WD computer (if it is running on the same machine, just enter your local IP address).
TCP/IP Port: enter the port number you specified in the Remoting Tool in WD.
Press Apply IP and Port. Now the ! should dissappear, the connection is build.
Scroll down in the Inspector and disable "Use Serial Link Header".

4. Set a key at the time, from which on your sensor should be able to send new play commands to PB. To enable the Script Output node in WD again, the command would be (WDNodeEnableOutput,'ID'). The commands you use inside the sequence always needs to be entered withing () !

I hope this is a good solution for you!
Best regards,
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