V4 R2 Nvidia Driver 197.75

V4 R2 Nvidia Driver 197.75

Postby Jan Huewel » Thu Jul 29, 2010 4:36 pm

[15. Nov. 2010]
Attention: This driver is outdated. New tests revealed a driver issue when running shows with many HD clips for many hours. The driver may crash and the system may freeze.
Its highly recommended to install a newer driver, which is 260.99 at the time when this comment was written:
V4 R2 Nvidia Driver 260.99

This driver is only for hardware V4R2 with Nvidia GTX 470 graphic card!
All V4 servers with different Nvidia graphic cards please keep on using the driver version 185.85.

Please download:

Please note:
To run dual output properly please always set the driver to streched mode (horizontal span).
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