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Softedge Setup

PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 10:55 pm
by Jan Huewel
When creating softedge projections you might want to use individual files per projector to maximize the image quality by using all available pixels.

This is especially usefull when the overall pixel count is much higher than HD (1920x1080).

Since you might not want to waste performance as well as image quality by stretching a 1920x1080 clip to 2x,3x or N-times its original size, it can be very effective to create split media files out of a master composition of the entire screen.

The most important parameters to consider for the setup of the media are size and overlap.

What is the screen physical size in width and height or what is the total pixel count including the overlap area of the projectors?

How much overlap can you get per projector?

For example you have two projectors that output 1600x1200

and your horizontal overlap is going to be 20%

20% of 1600px is equals 320px

This means that your entire composition is 1600px -320px+1600px = 2880px Width x 1200px Height


When creating compositions in AfterFX or similar compositing tools, its a best practice to first create a master composition that matches the screens aspect ratio or projection screen surface.

In the case describe here I assume that we use the entire output of both projectors.

The master composition pixel size is 2880x1200px
and the left and right split composition are 1600x1200px

I hope this gives you a good starting point on how to create your media for softedge projections.