Issue with scolling pages and white background

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Issue with scolling pages and white background

Postby claude.rivet » Fri Aug 15, 2014 6:58 pm

Hello cooluxians, I have a problem with scrolling in WD pro. If I use scroll, everytime I start my project I need to go back in properties and click scroll again, which in turns moves everything on my page just a tad bit, enough to screw the layout. Over that if some items are located at the "bottom" of a page (last item when scrolling) some part cannot be seen and as such cannot be moved. I tried changing the layout of every page so that the scroll bar isn't needed but some items cannot be grabbed because they are "outside" the page no mather how much I scroll.

Also, when using the scroll and selecting a few items, WD blinks a few times, the background becomes white with a huge red X and every single move from there refreshes the page to a point where editing the layout is close to impossible.

I looked in windows and memory isn't full, at all.

Is there anything I can do, at least to move my items "outside" the page?

Thanks for the help!
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