Pandoras Box 6.0 Rev. 15101 Release

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Pandoras Box 6.0 Rev. 15101 Release

Postby Markus Zeppenfeld » Thu May 18, 2017 11:07 am

There is a new version available in the Download-Center (please remember to log-in before using the link): ... 0/file-291

Dear customers,

we're happy to share the first official Release of Pandoras Box 6.0 with you.
This version has undergone various updates including bug fixes, enhanced usability and features.


• image sequences now support up to 16k resolution on servers
• complete overhaul of multi-user connection setup
• sync sessions can be started and joined from the startup menu
• warning when any drive has less than 1GB free drive space

Known issues:

- Warping in MU blind mode will lead to unsynchronized meshes between places
- Playlist entries are not synchronized between places


Rev 15098: (2017 05 17)

- Multi-User:
fixed: No repetition of effect param changes on client. (ticket 3637)
fixed: Block canvas update settings are distributed by multi selection. (ticket 3630)
fixed: Joining managers stole clients from the already started main manager. Bug fixed, i.e. main manager remains being the manifested one.
fixed: MU Sync Session. Changes for blind mode availability.
fixed: Dirtiness of separators is updated when effect is deleted. (ticket 3649)
fixed: After blind mode deactivation the current seq transport position is now pulled from main manager.
fixed: MU Sync Session: Remastered the active value and transport position reset for leaving/entering Sync Session and Blind Mode.
fixed: MU Sync Session: Activating the Blind Mode does not lead to a reset of "yellow" params in Sync Session.
fixed: MU Sync Session: Getting the current now pointer from Sync Session after leaving Blind Mode
fixed: MU Sync Session. Always leave Blind Mode when taking over all Sites.
fixed: Client Manifestation: Sub Managers are not allowed to manifest on a newly connected client.
fixed: Resource locations are distributed to other places when spreading to node with auto spread disabled.
fixed: Assets are not spread to joining manager.
fixed: Site on submanager is only shown as inconsistent if site is not available.
fixed: Several Client handling fixed for example within a Sync Session clients could be stolen from managers that should not be manifested on any client.

- Miscellaneous:
fixed: Image Sequence: Additonal memory usage detection enhancements.
fixed: Editable Mesh: Translation of reference layer does not jump uncontrollably. (ticket 3651)
fixed: Enlarged warning message box. (ticket 3664)
fixed: Preview: Offsets are taken into account when moving preview camera. (ticket 3640)
fixed: Preview: Gizmos are not shown in full screen.
fixed: Preview: Correct cameras are being used when entering full screen.
added: Preview: Bounding box gizmos can be hidden.

Rev 15043: (2017 05 03)

- Multi-User:
added: Multi User Tab is available without loaded project.
fixed: Dirty state is not set for tuple params when in default state. Leads to wrong particle system behaviour. (ticket 3608)
fixed: Adding a device to a remote client does not affect manifestation. (ticket 3608)
fixed: Client icon shows the inconsistent sign if a secondary master leaves the multi user environment.
fixed: Audio and Render Engine Settings are synched when place joins the MU session.
refactored: added MU Sync sessions for places to synchronize MultiUser managers; removed all consensus dialogs
fixed: Audio devices are synchronized between places.
fixed: No confirmation to sender if project transfer was forced.

- Miscellaneous:
fixed: Editable Mesh: Previous selection of control points is deleted upon submesh change. (ticket 3591)
fixed: Editable Mesh: Mesh does not move uncontrollably during rotation. (ticket 3593)
fixed: PreRoll of Light param in Light FX does not lead to crash. (ticket 3613)
added: Image Sequence: max resolution set to 16k
fixed: Possible crash in thumbnailer when quiting Pandoras Box fixed.
fixed: Fixed several issues with editable canvas.
fixed: Fixed several localization issues.
added: Automation: Create canvas with given file name.
added: User is warned once (red status bar) when any drive has less than 1 GB free space. (ticket 3191)
fixed: Editable Mesh: No scaling if only one point of the mesh is selected. (ticket 3590)
fixed: Preventing crashes when loading too many too large image sequences. Memory usage detection enhanced.
fixed: Automation: New commands to block canvas updates on sites: AutoSetBlockCanvasUpdatesForSite, AutoSetCanvasUpdateForSingleSite.
fixed: Automation: New command to spread content to specific site by dmx ids: AutoSpreadToSiteById

Rev 14990: (2017 04 11)

- Multi-User:
fixed: Fixed comboBox sorting and local place issues.
fixed: Default operations adapt to local place by starting operations dialog. Necessary when project file stems from another machine.
fixed: Cues adjust their jump goal properties to the goal sequence. Times and CueIds are changed properly. Cues adjust their names if they get a new integer id.
added: View Sync. Creation and renaming of views is synced. Changing Id of views is synced. Removing views is synced. Views that were changed via "save current view to tabs" are synced.
added: Group Sync. Group creation, removing, renaming, and reiding is synced. Groups that were changed via "save selection to group" are synced.
fixed: Changing sequence id is synced. (ticket 3540)
fixed: Multi-User hint added to numId warning message.
added: Changing site id is synced.
fixed: Startup Dialog. Do not show „Waiting for multi-user participation…“ for systems that cannot participate in MU (e.g. ServerDual).
added: Operation Transfer Resources. Folder can be added to project tree via operation tree. Folders can be renamed via operation tree. Additionally, shortcuts (e.g."F2") were enabled in modal mu dialog. Files can be renamed via operation tree. Files and Folder can be removed via operation tree. Files and Folder can be removed via remove shortcut "Del" in operation tree.
added: Operation Transfer Resources. Multiple Files and Folder can be removed via remove shortcut "Del" in operation tree. Multiple Files and Folder can be removed via popup selection in operation tree. Additionally, fixed tree-refreshing bug concerning multiple deletion. Files and Folders can be moved within the operation tree of one side. Multiple Files and Folders can be moved within the operation tree of one side.
fixed: Renaming of folders is synced. (ticket 3555)
fixed: Created/moved cues on a newly created sequence are synced. (ticket 3551)
fixed: Project Tree: Add Folder. No automatic label editing if the parent folder is not expanded. Before, label-editing window for collapsed parent folder was positioned incorrectly.
fixed: Active resource assignments are taken over by manager when leaving blind mode. (ticket 3554)
fixed: Parent update is disabled for single remapping command when command batch is received via multi user. (ticket 3543)
fixed: Fixed an unpredictably behaviour of MU collective with at least 3 manager
fixed: Project transfer within the MU collective now also works if the sending manager is holding a xml project. Receiving manager always saves received projects in pbb format.
fixed: Project transfer within the MU collective now also works if the goal folder and its parent folder do not exist on the receiving manager.
fixed: Moving resources within the project tree to a new parent was not synced anymore. Bug fixed.
fixed: No crash when creating new mesh via multi user.
fixed: Multiuser is disabled after changing the domain.
fixed: Hidden devices are stored in views correctly. (ticket 3560)
fixed: Blind mode is not available on master on which the clients are manifest.
fixed: Creating playlist entries is synced again. (ticket 3564)
fixed: Editable label background color changed. (ticket 3567)
fixed: Assets are always spreaded via the primary manager.
fixed: Set correct layer sizing mode value.
fixed: Ensure synchronous resource creation.
fixed: Sequence routing changes made during syncing project load on other manager are lost.
fixed: All sequence transport states are synced when leaving blind mode.
fixed: Watchfolder issue (ticket 3566)
added: Initialization of MU Sync Session enhanced.

- Miscellaneous:
fixed: Bug concerning matrix patches fixed.
fixed: Image Sequence skips frame if it does not match the width and height of the image sequence. (ticket 3513)
fixed: Image Sequence: Video Alpha Channel is automatically enabled for 24 Bit Bmp Movs as well. (ticket 3537)
fixed: Send full screen state to server.
fixed: Selection tool is available again.
fixed: Fixed possible crash when switching between many high-res image sequence.
fixed: Several improvements for image sequence stability.
fixed: Sequence: Transport mode of container is triggered when lock to time is changed. (ticket 3552)
fixed: Automation: Assignment of devices works for outputs of virtual sites. (ticket 3504)
fixed: WD Device: No wxWidgets error when showing properties of WD Device command key in inspector.
fixed: Audio file on video layer does not cause black texture. (ticket 3250)
fixed: When switching sequences content of new sequence is shown immediately. (ticket 3234)
fixed: All layers except of outputs, cameras and lights can be reordered. (ticket 2889)
fixed: No crash after message box that warns if an incompatible node shows up.
fixed: Constrain the drag of a clip to its layer using shift. (ticket 1470)
added: Enable matrix splitting of render engine.
fixed: Light gizmos are visible in venue site (venue site cam only). (ticket 3237)
fixed: The thumbnail created for an YCoCg DDS Mov file shows the correct colors. (ticket 2936)
fixed: Resources are only spread to manifested clients.
fixed: No rotation and scale in camera transformation mode for now.
fixed: Now time is only updated on sequence load if sequence has been switched.
fixed: Import/Export instead of Load/Save for xml projects.
fixed: Changed matrix notation from "rows x columns" to "columns x rows" (i.e. "X x Y").
fixed: Default Mesh Mesh shading off for clients and on for preview by default.
fixed: Look here and look at selected layer disabled for outputs. (ticket 3544)
fixed: Corrected default splitting. Before horizontal and vertical splitting was permuted.
fixed: Gizmos are not deleted after rebuilt of device.
fixed: Image Sequence: No crash when jumping in time line with multiple image sequences. (ticket 3579)
fixed: Live input can be added to project again after removing it using the inspector. (ticket 3200)
fixed: Multi-Preview setup is saved in view. (ticket 3474)
Markus Zeppenfeld
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