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Nice preview solution

Postby Patrick Verhey » Tue Feb 10, 2009 4:41 pm


if you have a setup with more than one server and you want to have a preview with the whole system you can use a very easy but powerfull trick.
Drag a "dummy" server with the same layer count like the others in your project. Include this one in your groups so that everything you do on layers at your show servers will be on the same layer on the preview server.
Now select this server to be previewed in the manager and go to the camera settings of this one. If you no move the z position of you camera back you will be able to see the whole setup in the preview window. For sure the more servers you have, the smaller the preview gets, but with the x and y offset you can even look on datails.

Even if you have a setup with different locations, for example a softedge with two servers and 5 plasma screens for a multi screen setup you can add two preview servers to you project. One for the softedge and one for the plasma screens. Now you can switch in between these two locations having a nice preview.

Got it? :idea:
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