Polling/Reporting Current Cue Number from PB in WD

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Polling/Reporting Current Cue Number from PB in WD

Postby joespinogatti » Thu Sep 27, 2018 4:43 pm

WD Version 6.0.5
PB Version 6.1.0
OS Windows 7

I'm working on a project in widget designer for show control. I am trying to find a way for WD to poll for or to PB to Report the ID of the current cue that it is on.

For example:

- Pause Cue 1
- Pause Cue 2

When the now pointer is paused on pause cue 1 if I poll PB, It should report that it is on Pause Cue 1

When the timeline starts playing, it should still report that until the now pointer becomes paused in Pause Cue 2, then it should report cue id 2.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I am working to compare cue numbers incoming via UDP (already accomplished to get incoming cue number to a variable) to the current PB cue number to decide if they match, if they match, PB should play. The cues are coming from an ETC EOS Lighting Console. The goal is for video to run completely automated if the cue numbers match.

Please let me know if there might be an easier way to go about this as well.

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Re: Polling/Reporting Current Cue Number from PB in WD

Postby Benni_M » Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:09 pm


sorry there is no easier way to get the names in widget designer.
BUt you can write your own code to send it to the wd.

I did this few time and it works perfectly.
there is an sdk for that.

if you want i can sent it to you. a small application that send the ID, Name, Mode to the WD.

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