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Masking Advice Needed

Postby brun sweater » Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:52 pm

Hello guys.

I have this 3D setup running on a Dual Server (only using one output), controlled by a Manager LT. I'm projecting on a revolving stage, so the objects are rotating. I've placed my camera, made my objects and everything is working as it should. However, and this where I need some help, the client is pushing me very raw content and wants me to scale and manipulate a lot. It's rather tricky when your objects rotate around the stage axis rather than their own axis, but it can be done. But this screws up the size of my objects, and I need to mask around when scaling them bigger. When running several layers at once, I've said they need to give me exact size content, but when only using one layer, they insist I should do the masking. And I'm really no Pandora wizzard.

And here comes my question.
Is there a smart way to do this? Only idea I can come up with is using black squares on different layers. Mind you, output masking wont suffice, since nothing is ever straight on stage.

Cheers and thank you
brun sweater
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