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Postby satanete666 » Tue Mar 30, 2021 8:16 am


I want to check the harware limitations of pnadoras box harware and i confused with my results , ryzen 9 3900x , quadro rtx4000, Samsung 980 Pro M.2 1000 GB Pci Express 4.0, 3600 MHz, DDR4,16GB (8GB x2), MSI X570-A Pro.

i am testing with 30 seconds video 13440x1176 hap q video , the computer is in client mode in a mosaic with 4 outputs in 13440x1176 , when i open 5 videos in this resolution the videos start playing with stops , but if i open the windows resource monitor , the cpu is 49% , gpu 32%, ssd is 44% ,i am thinking the problem come fron the manager is an asus laptop gv553v, but i want to know how any other parameter can be involved, or if any other resource monitor for other brands to test better for pandoras box.
thank in advance
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Postby Daniel Kaminski » Tue Mar 30, 2021 10:00 am


Pandoras Box does not limited the hardware in any way. There are no software limitations regarding read speed or anything like that.
A few things to check and to consider.

a) CPU - is it overall CPU Performance or Single Core? Some tasks can not be multithreaded, so they depend on single core performance. This means your system will reach its performance limited when 1 of the cores reaches its limited. So if you have 10 cores and 9 are running at 20% and 1 is running at 98% you total load is around 30-40% but nevertheless your system limited is reached, because the 1 core is close to its limit.

b) Driver
Having great components like you have is the first step. Finding the right drivers that work correctly together is another.
Lets take SSD or GPU Drivers for example. We have seeing huge performance differences depending on driver versions. You will have to try and find the one that works best for your system. (Never is not always better, especially when it comes to NVIDIA Drivers. Always look for for a Driver Branch with long term support. R390 is one of those Driver Branches. The 16th Driver Update of that branch came out a little while ago, so you can assume it will be very stable and performant. Stay away from Drivers that are very new)

c) RAM
Not only the size of RAM and Speed is important and can be a bottle neck, also the amount of memory modules matters depending on the motherboard. Dual Channel / Quad Channel.

d) SSD
SSD Performance is about throughput (MB/sec) and Latency.

All this said, I think you already have a great system in Place. Being able to run 4x 13440x1176 is more than just good in my opinion.
Have you checked with other codecs? Can you do more Videos in HAP? If so, than this point towards you ssd/M2 Speed. If not, than it points towards to total amount of pixels being able to handle. So it can be the CPU, RAM or GPU.

You are running a PCIe 4.0 System. You GPU is a PCIe 3.0 GPU, so there can be one bottleneck.

Which Version of Pandoras Box are you running? There have been several performance improvements over that last years.

In order to tweak and get the best result I would start with:
* NVIDIA Setting
* Driver Version checks
* checking different Codecs to see how you SSD System is holding up.

I Hope this helps.

Daniel Kaminski
Pandoras Box Expert
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Postby satanete666 » Tue Mar 30, 2021 1:24 pm

Dear Daniel,

I am using v8 last release, i will try with another drivers, but is any software that can help me to know the hardware limitations for pandoras box , like you say is pandoras box some process are monothread i need to know and test how many videos or effects are consuming this core.

I will be great if you make system meter for programing where you how many resources are consuming during the test, i can be safer for us because we will know if the system is reaching to the limit.

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