content managment worklow question for heavy projects

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content managment worklow question for heavy projects

Postby rene_s6 » Sat Apr 30, 2022 10:00 am

I have a general understanding issue and worklow advice question about content-managment.

What is the worklow if the sum of content for all clients is to much for the manager?

On smaller projects I would have my content on my manager and spread it from there to the client(s) - no problem.
Now I have a larger show coming up with almost 40 Outputs on several clients. The files are big, because they are long and in HAP (which I want to keep it that way).

The general understanding question:
how does the manager playback content? I assume it doesn't actually play all the footage, like the clients do, but only creates Previews / Cache Files?
(especially if it's a large number of files like in this case)

The workflow question:
How to I manage the content in the manager? Does the manager necessarily have to have all the content on it's internal harddrive while the show is running, or can the files be disconnected? I do not have such large internal harddrives.
I was thinking of coping the files directly to the clients and "reconnect" them individually in Pandora. (Or spread from an external harddrive individually to its destination).
One idea for the manager is making mpeg-2 files, and then have the manager play mpeg-2 and the clients hap. But that seems like twice the work and I wonder if this is at all necessary?
Can a show run problem free, if the files on the manager are offline? Meaning: importing the files from an external harddrive to manager -> spread to or connect on clients -> programm the show -> disconnect the drive them from the manager. (Or keep it connected. But it is an external HDD - does this cause performance issues?)

What is the recommended workflow?

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Re: content managment worklow question for heavy projects

Postby Daniel Kaminski » Sat Apr 30, 2022 4:39 pm

Hi René,

good question.

A) The Manager only needs the files if you want to preview them. Otherwise the Manager does not need the files at all.
B) In the Asset Tab you have all the clients listed. You can bring files in from each Client.
c) Lets sa you loaded a file from tha manager and need to delete it late on the manager. No Problem. The file will still work fine on the client. It will be flagged as inconsistent, because it can not be loaded on one of the sites where PB expects it to be.

there is a great cleanup Option for this: Clean up Inconsistent Resources
Please read the help section on this, it will expain it much better than I can. ... enu_pb.htm

D) Pandoras Box only created Thumbnails, but no Previewvideos or anything like that.

a) turn Autospread off.
b) copy files to the clients
c) bring the files into the project (from the clients)

I am not sure if you can mix mpeg2 and HAP files. never tried it. Let me know what you find out.

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Re: content managment worklow question for heavy projects

Postby rene_s6 » Sat Apr 30, 2022 5:52 pm

Hi Daniel,

thanks for the answer!

Your solution B sounds very convenient.
I didn't know, you can drag the files directly form the clients in the assets tab. I thought it must be from the manager. That makes everything easier :)

I tried to make a mix of mpeg and hap and it does work. (you can reconnect the file in the info tab for each device independently). But it was in a studio environment an I am not sure how reliable that is.

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