Does V8 support aes67 protocol?

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Does V8 support aes67 protocol?

Postby bjavstar » Thu May 05, 2022 11:48 am

V8 supports Dante protocol, Dante and aes67 are inseparable. If V8 does not support aes67 at present, can the upgraded version realize aes67 standard later?

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Re: Does V8 support aes67 protocol?

Postby Daniel Kaminski » Fri May 06, 2022 7:46 am

Interesting question.

Me not being an Audio guy: How is aes67 different from Dante?
Essentially the V8 support is similar to a Dante Virtual Soundcard. Does that help you?

If Dante Virtual Soundcard supports AES67, I am pretty sure that PB V8 also supports it. And the other way around.

Is there a way to test it?

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Re: Does V8 support aes67 protocol?

Postby frozenwaffles » Sat Aug 27, 2022 5:51 am

Hi, I would like to join here....
Dante and AES67 are very separable.
They are two 'audio over IP standards' and Audinate have allowed Dante to be able to 'play nice' with AES67 in a very certain set of controlled circumstances. You can basically put a Dante chip in AES67 mode so that the audio 'flows' are not in native Dante format as such, but rather AES67 format. This allows for other devices (provided the right network conditions are present, having a PTPv2 clock one of the big ones) to pick up these flows and use them. Managing them is a whole new world of pain as this needs to be done outside of the Dante ecosystem once you leave the world of 'Dante devices'.
You will notice i said you can put a 'Dante chip' into AES67 mode. A Brooklyn II module with certain firmware is required. There are also other new Dante modules that support AES67 'mode'.

DVS (Dante Virtual Soundcard) does not support AES67.

Here is a good video from Audinate to help understand the role of AES67 in the world of Dante:

Here too is a good note from Audinate about AES67 interoperability:
Dante supports multicast audio interoperability between Dante devices and non-Dante AES67 RTP audio devices. Not all Dante devices support AES67– check with your device manufacturer.

AES67 is supported in DDM and non-DDM networks. When enrolled in a domain, AES67 is supported in Dante devices with Dante firmware v4.2.x and above for Brooklyn II, Broadway and HC chipsets. Dante devices not meeting those specifications (e.g. UltimoX chipset) can be enrolled in a domain in AES67 mode but will not be able to send or receive AES67 RTP flows.

Audio transport between Dante-enabled devices is always via Dante Audio Transport Protocol even if the devices have AES67 enabled.

Non-Dante AES67 devices are not enrolled in domains.

Only one domain in AES67 mode can be created in DDM as AES67 uses a fixed PTP v2 domain number (0).

More information about configuring AES67 Interoperability is available in the Dante Domain Manager User Guide

So in summary, at this stage DVS does not support AES67 and so Pandoras Box too does not support AES67 audio flows.
The only way to get AES67 audio flows from PB would be to use a soundcard that supports AES67 or wait for Audinate to upgrade DVS to support AES67.
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