3D Anaglyph (Red+Blue) Setup

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3D Anaglyph (Red+Blue) Setup

Postby Jan Huewel » Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:15 pm

With Pandoras Box Media Servers you can setup a 3D so called anaglyph projection or display for use with red and blue glasses.

Assuming you have stereo content available.
Image Image

If you do not have a red and blue pair of glasses available you may also use two LEE filters to test the effect.
I got good results with LEE 026 Bright Red and LEE 118 Light Blue, you just need to get one of these neat little swatchbooks from LEE Filters http://www.leefilters.com or use the equivalent E-Colour from rosco http://www.rosco.com.

First you will need to dedicate one layer for the clips for the left eye and one layer for the images or videos of the right eye.

As an example:
-assign the left eye image to layer one, set the opacity to 255 and use ColourFX 003Multiply set to 0,255,255
-assign the right eye image to layer two, set the opacity to 128 and use ColourFX 003Multiply set to 255,0,0

This results in an anaglyph image that can be viewed with red and blue glasses on a single display or with a single projector.

In addition you might use a third layer to brighten up your output by
-assigning a white bitmap to layer three, set the opacity to 255 and use ColourFX 003 set to 255,255,255
and VideoFX set to 1,9,3


The advantage of this technique is that you can view the result with a single display or projector. The downside is the reduction of colour depth.
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