Timeline triggers Timeline via WD

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Timeline triggers Timeline via WD

Postby Julia Foest » Wed Feb 10, 2010 2:28 pm

Dear all,

please see here a little tutorial how to trigger a timeline in PB via another timeline in the same project.
Eg: Timeline 1 runs to a Pause Cue, as soon as it is paused, Timeline 2 should start playing, until it reaches a certain Timecode, that sets Timeline 1 again in Play Mode, etc..

As additional software you only need the Widget Designer STD (freeware), that you can download here: http://www.coolux.de/kb/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=68.

What you have to do:

1. Open WD, rightclick in the Userinterface and set up the IP Configuration. Enter the Pandoras Box Master's IP and Domain. If PB is running on the same computer, you only have to check the Domain.

2. Rightclick in the WD Userinterface, choose Tools --> Remoting (in WD Version older than 2.0 it is named Remote Input). Set up a TCP Connection by entering a port number (default TCP Port is usually 23, but you can choose any number you want) and ticking the Checkbox "Enable". Close the Window again.

3. Change to Pandoras Box. From Device Types tab please drag and drop a Serial Link device in the Devices Tab down left. Select this Serial Link Device, go to Inspector and set up the following:
TCP/IP IP: enter the IP of the WD computer (if it is running on the same machine, just enter your local IP address).
TCO/IP Port: enter the port number you specified in the TCP Connection in WD.
Press Apply IP and Port. Now the ! should dissappear, the connection is build.
Scroll down in the Inspector and disable "Use Serial Link Header".

4. Set keys in the timeline. To set Timeline 2 to play, the command would be (SeqSetState,2,Play), according to this (SeqSetState,1,Play) sets Timeline 1 to play. The command always needs to be entered withing () !
Please note:
If Timeline 1 should set Timeline 2 to play as soon as it reaches a Pause Cue, place the command key for the serial link device not exactly at the same frame, but 1 frame before! Elsewise the command will be executed again when setting Timeline 1 to play.

Best regards,
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